The Basics

"Visitors, or ‘WWOOFers’, spend about half of each day helping out on a host farm, learn about the organic movement and sustainable agriculture, and receive room and board during their visit – with no money exchanged between Hosts and WWOOFers. WWOOF is an educational and cultural exchange program. WWOOFing is a way to learn practical organic farming & gardening skills, be part of the organic agriculture movement, and experience the heart of its culture.

The WWOOF Bulgaria® Host Listings list 17 organic farms and gardens (not necessarily certified organic) across the country. Any farm, community or garden project using organic methods that would like to participate in a cultural and educational exchange may join the program.

The program is open to anyone 18 years of age or older, regardless of experience. WWOOF Bulgaria® WWOOFer (Visitors) membership is valid for one year year from the day it is purchased. We encourage all types of WWOOFers and Hosts who would like to work together to strengthen sustainable agriculture, to be a part of WWOOF Bulgaria®.

WWOOF Hosts offer a variety of educational opportunities, including growing vegetables, keeping bees, building straw bale houses, working with animals, making wine, and much more. There is something for everyone."






Family home and garden - rural

Area of my property: 

0.40 hectares

Certified Organic: 

no; waiting for certification.

Organic/biological methods used on my property: 

Having studied and worked for ten years with Biodynamis, and been food growing for 20 years, I use a variety of traditional ecological methods and biodynamic principles for the production of food and over the whole Plot.

In addition to food production, I have also completed the following building courses, Photogenics , Hemp, Rammed Earth, Earthship, Straw Bale, Cob and Green Roofing, and intend to build using a combination of these methods including the addition of a natural pool.

At present, I am in the process of establishing a small holding and there is much to be done. The Gallery build is still in the planning stage and many aspects of the land are in their initial stages. The whole place is by no means well established and therefor has exciting  potential. I hope that people will be able to share in this Joy with me, of what is a relatively new venture, and I welcome your knowledge and skill sets as part of the formation of this beautiful project, with eager anticipation.


Bio-Dynamic, Biological pest control, Composting, Crop rotation, Ecological farming, Mulching, Permaculture, Without chemicals or pesticides


arts and crafts, bread making, culinary herbs, fermentation of foods, gardens, vegetable, grains - ancient, greenhouse, machine & equipment mechanics, sell at farmers markets



Products made: 

arts and crafts, bread, sourdough, honey, medicinals stone milled flour.

The property consists of a large six bedroom house, a 100 square meter Barn and the footprint of three previous dwellings set in an acre of land, 3 miles from the river Danube. 

An Eco self sustaining dwelling with fruit and nut trees and the maintenance of a biodynamic vegetable garden and Bee Hives provides the setting for further development of building activities. The aim is to build a Bale house, Hemp, Cob and Earthship on the existing land,  providing further dwelling place and an Art Gallery for further community use. 



Maximum WWOOFers at one time: 


Types of Help: 

Art project, Cleaning, Construction projects, Cooking, Drying, Farm Tasks, Field crop management, Firewood splitting and gathering, Gardening tasks, Harvesting, Help with Eco Project, Kitchen help, Maintenance, Making Preserves, Planting, Pruning, Seed saving, Trail Maintenance, Weeding

Current projects: 

Making sun hives. Making an outdoor compost loo. Building Eco dwellings. Making Natural Pool. Maintaining the Organic garden all aspects of it. Planting and transplanting walnut trees. Fence weaving. Cob oven building. DIY and general building skills needed.

There is plenty time for hunting and fishing and there are a few bikes available for explorations out into the surrounding country. It is often too hot midday for work so swimming in the Danube can be refreshing.

Winter WWOOFing?: 


WWOOFing with Children?: 


WWOOFing with Pets?: 


Couples only?: 


LGBTQ Accepting?


Preferred length of visit: 


Volunteering hours expected: 

negotiable, based on a fair exchange.

Directions to Farm: 

A train will take you to Lom, Lom is about half hour from the farm, I would be happy to collect from the station. Alternatively, On arrival in Kovachitsa, coming from the direction of Lom, continue through the village, past the shops, until you reach a fork in the Road, take the left fork and continue till you are out of the village. We are the last house on the Left, it is a Green House, and only a few minutes drive from the fork in the road.



What inspires and motivates me to be a WWOOF Host: 

I feel that I have lots of skills to offer those who want to learn something new. I enjoy teaching and sharing information and the whole creative experience of life.

I was previously a WWOOFer (volunteer): 


in Australia


from 2000 to 2002



Family members in my home: 

Just me. The property consists of a large six bedroom house, a Barn and the footprint of three previous dwellings set in an acre of land, 3 miles from the river Danube.  An Eco self sustaining dwelling with fruit and nut trees. Walking to the shops

Animals/pets living in my home: 

none. Bees and Birds in abundance.

Approx. percentage of food eaten is organic: 


Meal options: 

Lacto-Vegetarian (includes dairy)

Meal Planning and Sharing: 

Breakfast and lunch are self-catered with provided groceries, Help is welcome as host family and WWOOFers work together in meal preparation and clean up


In our house with our family

Room Configuration: 

Multiple choices available - private and shared

Internet Access?: 


Is my internet access limited?: 

no its unlimited.


Smoking on property but not in home