As some of you know I have embarked on the Dream, Building my own Art Gallery.

I am starting this project from scratch and asking you to help me raise some funds. I have already purchased the land.

Would you like to watch me drawing pictures?

Would you like recognition acknowledgement and the opportunity to help me make Dreams come true?

You can make Dreams come True!

What is in it for you?

I will do a live video of me drawing a picture and dedicate the video to you, as a way of thanking you for your helping me in building my Dream.

You will be credited, with your given name, on one or more of the following; my YouTube Chanel, live streaming and/or a Vlog in association with the live work.

Also I will feature your commissioned live drawing with your name on the gallery art display page or on my website here.

In addition the original art work itself will have your name on it. 

You will also receive a digital photo of the work as a thank you!

Your name will be forever associated with the work. 

And the good news is that there is no limit to the amount of original Art works that you can sponsor.

Be the sponsor of my live video Channel, with your own video of me doing a drawing featured on it. Like and share it, and help dreams come true.

Sponsor a Live drawing