Art Courses.

Would you like to paint and draw?

Are you interested in discovering your relationships to the world and to yourself through a mixture of guided introspection and creativity?

In a selection of interactive modules, these courses provide an opportunity of adventure and self -discovery through the medium of art.

"Orayaart has a great ethos and offers a companionable and easy learning environment, a path of self discovery."

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 & Naked Canvas


An all round beginners Art course and prerequisite for further training. with OrayaArt.


Art Course

Residential Art courses

Peer learning 

with OrayaArt

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Residential Art courses

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OrayaArt is an art course which not only teaches and develops skills within a companionable and easy learning environment, but also takes you on a path of self discovery.

Orayaart will be offering online gallery space with potential income prospects, exhibition and networking opportunities.

Orayaart offers art lessons, tutoring and a choice of courses from a beginners level, to the advanced course. Why not come and join ‘The Essentials’ taster course?  Then spend two weeks exploring and developing skills on our more progressive ‘InsideOut Course?  All our courses are designed to be fun, experimental, non academic, with a chance to explore more than just your art skills. 


Orayaart has a great ethos and offers a companionable and easy learning environment, a path of self discovery. Orayaart offers you a choice of courses from beginners to further exploration. The ‘Essentials’ is a taster course. ‘InsideOut’ is more progressive, and "Naked Canvas’ is a taster weekend.


an art course that is different;

is a non academic, experimental new art course;

aims to teach a range of artistic skills in different mediums;

includes personal experience;

aims to inspire creativity and personal development.

One of the most exciting ways to understand the ideas and concepts of Orayaart, as well as to develop as a person and artist, is to take our weekend intensive taster experience; the "Naked Canvas’ weekend tuition or the ‘Essentials’ course.  The courses are designed to be fun and experimental, a chance to explore your creativity and your skills. To sign up and find out more, visit "Naked Canvas’ or "Essentials" which is a prerequisite to the more advanced, "InsideOut Art’ course 

Following completion of either of the above courses, you will be given the opportunity to experience more of your potential than you thought possible, (also available in other formats; weekend long modules.) InsideOut Art, will be an intensive art experience, drawing on your own creativity and expanding access to your creative source.

Orayaart aims to provide comprehensive compact art courses. The first course aimed at beginners is to teach the techniques and tools of fine art in an experiential way. This will give the student a foundation to discover their own inner artist and the confidence to execute their own work and to have the support to develop their own style with the knowledge and skills acquired through experience. The course is thorough, with maximum input in a supportive environment at a competitive price. The course will be set at a pace that suits you, facilitating the individual to express their soul/ spirit/ personality/ creativity and to work with their blocks and inhibitions. It will help the artist discover themselves and a new way of being and provide sufficient holding for deep work.

Each course includes techniques and skills in equal proportion to experiential learning with the aim of producing confident, creative and inspired individuals who will find a new joy and skill in art and through the work produced.  The ‘Essentials’  and"Naked Canvas’ course will introduce some of the following mediums and modules, whereas "InsideOut Art" will cover:












 Complimentary colour

 The art of light and contrast

 Primary and secondary subject matter

 Landscape painting

 Use of colour

The next Essentials and Naked Canvas (taster week or weekends) run regularly throughout 2019

The next InsideOut Art course is July 2019 (intensive- 2 week)

Beginners Essentials Art Course.


Naked Canvas

The Essentials and Naked Canvas are taster course's in art and being an artist.
Essentials and Naked Canvas courses are an introduction for beginners who are interested in art and who want an opportunity to try out a range of materials and techniques.

If you always wanted to give it a go and try to paint and draw then this is the course for you. You don’t have to be able to draw or paint!  This is a chance to experiment.  Materials will be provided and a cosy studio will support you to discover your creativity within a friendly fun environment. Orayaart believes that ‘nothing is impossible,’ and that this is the course for you. Just bring yourself regardless of your expectations and fears and let yourself go.

We believe every-one can!

The Essentials and Naked Canvas, are taster courses to wet your appetite. The InsideOut Art course is a two week long, residential art course. Naked Canvas and the Essentials are aimed at beginners and a prerequisite for the more intensive InsideOut Art Course. A maximum of ten people will be permitted during each course. The course pace will be guided by you, to suit you. It can either be a relaxing easy going environment, a healing one, a boot camp or a self development program. You will get a taster of what is to come and that will determine whether or not the Insideout Art, Art course is the right one for you.

For more of whats included please follow above links.


The fees for the naked Canvas and Essentials are; £750

The fee for this course includes accommodation on site, in gorgeous rural country setting.


Running each week throughout 2019/2020, the Essentials course is available on:

Weekdays – 5 consecutive days (9am-4pm) on the first week of each month.

Running each weekend throughout 2019/2020, the Naked Canvas course is available on:​

Weekend – Sat & Sun (9am-4pm)

Running each week throughout 2019/2020, the InsideOut Art course is available on:

the second and third weeks of July August and September.

Please refer to the bookings calendar for availability information.  Early booking is recommended to avoid disappointment.

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For further venue information including locations,please go here

or refer to the to the Booking page.


Free Tea and Coffee available. Please note that weekend participants will need to provide their own lunch.

Learning Outcomes

Courses are individually tailored and may vary, however, participants can expect to learn about different artistic mediums including:

  • paint;

  • pastel;

  • charcoal;

  • pencil;

  • paper;

  • canvas.

Individuals will learn how to use a variety of techniques including;

  • shading;

  • perspective;

  • complimentary colours;

  • still life;

  • figures.

We encourage participants to draw on personal life experience for inspiration, but mostly to have fun and meet new people.

Please note that this course may not be suitable for people with allergies to white spirit or turpentine please check first.

Inside out, Art Course.

This is a free course however the Naked Canvas and Essentials are not, and are a pre requisite for the InsideOut Art Course. InsideOut Art  is a pioneering, comprehensive and experiential, programme that takes you deeper into exploring your inner artist and bringing him or her out to play. InsideOut Art is a 6 module course covering; Oil, pastel, watercolour, collage, crayon, charcoal, and pencil techniques.  Essentials and Naked Canvas also include a look at the use of perspective, black and white, light and dark, figures, complimentary colours, mediums, modes and role models and more, however, InsideOut Art does exactly that, it brings the Inside Out. A New and profound course designed to give you a once in a lifetime experience. Its more than just an art course.

OrayaArt draws on her Study background in Phychosynthesis and Rudolf Steiner to come up with a completely unique experience where she will take you on a journey hopefully into and through yourself with lots of laughter on the way.

A journey with yourself, through yourself till you know yourself insideout, through the creative medium of art.

Modules are prescriptive and structured so that participants feel held and heard on their journeys.

Insideout Art course consists of 6 modules;

Art for Beginners / Mixed Media.

The Body and Bones.

Organs and senses.

Painting emotion.

Soul expression.

Spiritual you.

All 6 can be completed in a two week long intensive course. 

Intensive, is available bi-annually or in a weekend booking format.

For more of whats included please follow link here.

We have the same course but by another name, the difference is the latter is in a weekend block format and is called "InsideoutArt Weekends Course"

One 2 One Art Course

One to One

Individual tuition is available for those that are not able to commit to the 2 day courses.  These one to one short courses will be tailored to your specific requirements, covering topics at your request and will be available in the following time frames:

Week days and Evenings

  • 1 hr – £35

  • 3hrs – £75

For further information and to make a booking, please click here.



” OrayaArt has given me personally a great kickstart and introduced me to techniques and materials I have not approached. I enjoyed the atmosphere, the calm and direct nature of OrayaArt. Thank you!” 


“I really enjoyed the course, it has enthused me, now I must buy some charcoal and it’s all your fault!” 


“Inspirational, comfortable, imaginative, informative.”


“A wonderful weekend that exceeded my own expectations…….. it bought out the Inner Artist in me! ” 


“The creative atmosphere created by Oraya was great, the informal way knowledge, ability and techniques are imparted creating a learning environment without pressure. Flexibility in the way the course was run was much appreciated…….Great value for money and a good primer for future artistic learning. The tutor was fabulous and encouraged us to bring out our own interpretations of the world expressed in creative art. She also enabled me to focus on areas that I might have glossed over left to my own devices.” 


“Enjoyed the weekend enormously, teacher and peers very encouraging and supportive.” 


“Realizing you can learn art, you don’t have to be a natural.” 




“loved the sculpture and the Naked painting, informative.”

The venue

Most of the courses include self catering accommodation however some of them may require you to book additional nights if you wish to arrive and have time to relax before the courses start. It is also a possibility to book additional nights after your course is finished if you wish to relax and explore the area, or even keep painting and making use of some of the facilities provided. Please note this is only an option if there is availability, so please check here.

There is also a large Barn/ Studio where the lessons will be held, it is roughly 20 meters walk from your accommodation. In addition there is plenty of outdoor space that may be utilized for some outdoor aspects of the courses such as landscape drawing.

The venues are Ability accessible but please add a note if you have any access requirements and let us know what they are in advance.


 Additional accommodation is provided subject to availability.

The venues are Ability accessible but please add a note if you have any access requirements and let us know what they are in advance. If you are booked on a course, you will have;

Your own bed and room in a house with shared bathrooms and kitchen.

There will be basic facilities provided including WiFi

Provided are bedding, towels and toiletries.

Washing machine

There will be free tea and coffee throughout your stay.

Meals are self catering with an option of catering at an additional cost. Please check this service is available for your course.


If you are being catered for please check we are able to accommodate food preferences, however we cannot cater for food allergies. The kitchen is shared with others on the course. There is a fridge, cooker, microwave and dishwasher and all utensils, pots, pans and plates are provided. Its worth asking others if they want to share cooking meals together. There is a supermarket in Lom or a small shop within walking distance in the Village that sells all the bare necessaries. There may also be fresh vegetables available from the Garden.

The Studio

The studio provides a large work space for sculpture and Art, with desks and easels for Drawing.


More about the food. There is mostly poultry and goat available in Bulgaria, with a large selection of beautiful homemade Cheeses readily available. There are restaurants in Lom with a variety of cuisines. Here at the House; for breakfast we will provide a range of bread, condiments and cereals. There is also an option of eggs and cheese available. For an evening meal you will be provided with a hot dish of the day.

I have never been to Bulgaria before, what should I expect?

More about what to expect in Bulgaria if you have never been before. Some people speak English however you can not rely on it. The locals in Kovachitsa still use Horse and Cart as their local transport . The currency is Lev. You can use your credit card in all big towns however if you bring GBP with you, it is very hard to change it up unless your notes are completely fresh, and have no folds in them, they need to look brand new.



There are a number of ways to arrive in Kovachitsa. There is a Bus from London, but this is not recommended as it takes a long time and and costs £300. Alternatively you can go the whole way by train, but if you are feeling less adventurous then please check out some of the below options.

When arriving in the Village, if you are driving from Lom, you go to the end of the street, past the shop and Bakery, and you get to a fork, turn Left there and drive about half a mile till you reach the last house on the Left, (the Green House) You have reached your destination.



Driving to Bulgaria from Dover is roughly 1600 km. It is recommended that you book AirBnBs along your route well in advance as it takes approximately 2.5 days depending on your Route. There are Tolls along the way that can be paid as you go. If you are driving please be aware that you are advised to have a certain tread on your tyres in some countries. Also in Bulgaria it is compulsory to drive with your lights on all the time. You will also need to carry a breathalyzer, red triangle, GB stickers and it is advised that you get breakdown cover as some potholes in Bulgaria can be large. Watch out for them. You will also be required to drive on the right hand side of the road in Bulgaria. If you are hire a car from the airport be sure to take up their satnav offer at a small additional cost or bring your own.


The cheapest time of year to fly is before May where there are return flights from London Airports from between £14-£59 return to Sofia. Please check with your airline well in advance.

Sofia is the closest main Airport in Bulgaria, it is roughly 2.5 hours drive from Kovachitsa.

Car hire is available from your airport, and costs approximately £14 in petrol for the week.

By Train

Catching the train from the airport means getting to the train station which is a short bus ride away. The train takes around 6 hours, with a beautiful scenic route through the mountains. Its not fast. It costs around £6.50 and arrives in Lom, where OrayaArt would be happy to provide a shuttle for you to your accommodation.

Other facilities

121 online club.

There are numerous benefits to be had by joining the 121 club. Some of these include;

Online viability for your art works on the Gallery page.