InsideOut Art

No Academia, No written work, No exams, and No Fees. No obligation. No catch.
A commitment deposit is required and refundable at the end of the course.
In addition you are provided with free residential self catering accommodation.
You will be provided with all materials and a certificate upon completion.
If you feel the course has been in any way beneficial to you then anonymous donations will be graciously received and all proceeds will go towards the Eco Builds and the Gallery.

InsideOut, Art Course.

A New and profound course designed to give you a once in a lifetime experience.

It is more than just an art course.

OrayaArt draws on her Study background in Phychosynthesis and Rudolf Steiner to come up with a completely unique experience where she will take you on a journey hopefully into and through yourself with lots of laughter on the way.

A journey with yourself, through yourself till you know yourself insideout, through the creative medium of art.

Modules are prescriptive and structured so that participants feel held and heard on their journeys.

OrayaArt course consists of 6 two day modules;

  1. Art for Beginners / Mixed Media

  2. The Body and Bones.

  3. Organs and senses.

  4. Painting emotion.

  5. Soul expression.

  6. Spiritual you.

Each module is two days and the whole six modules can either be completed over a weekend or in a two week long block. Click on the module for a brake down of the following

 Block Modules are available annually or in an intensive weekend  format.

If you require additional accommodation nights either side of weekend modules you can book here. Additional nights will incur an additional fee. Please check for availability.


You will have your own bed and room in a house with shared bathrooms and kitchen.

There will be basic facilities provided including wifi

Provided are bedding, towels and toiletries.

There will be free tea and coffee throughout your stay.

Meals are self catering with an option of catering at an additional cost.

If you are being catered for please check we are able to accommodate food preferences, however we cannot cater for food allergies


For tuition fee for the two week, including 10x7 hours training, self catering accommodation and materials, is free.

There is a 25% reservation discount based on 2 people and a 30% discount based on bookings over 5 persons.

In order to show commitment a £3360 deposit will be required, which is fully refundable on completion.

There is an additional cost for catered for meals.

All art materials will be provided free of charge.

There are no extra or hidden costs.


We want you to have an amazing time so there will be flexibility on study.

Theory and practice of a combination of a few of the following content subjects;

Black and white.  Shading and Fading. Charcoal Drawing. Complimentary color. Perspective and vanishing point. Watercolor wet on wet. Oils v Acrylics. Making of paper or canvas frames, brushes or inks. Proportions of people. Life Drawing. Still life. Collage. Painting. Clay. Sculpture

Module 1

Art for Beginners / Mixed Media

These two days will focus of your preferred medium. Drawing from guided meditation and collaboration.

Module 2

The Body and Bones.

Going deeper into yourself to find out how your environment and surroundings influence you through the use of mixed media and techniques.  Face painting. Body painting. Movement painting. Naked painting.

Module 3

Organs and senses.

Here we are encouraged to look at how er receive things through our 12 senses.

Using our biography, we will sketch out a story-line, and build works through our experiences that have most affected us.


Module 4

Painting emotion.

looking at personalities, traits, we explore the emotions behind the characters within us.

Using art, we will get a chance to meet the characters inside us and engage in conversations with them to reveal the stories behind them. 

Module 5

Soul expression.

This is about painting your dreams with analysis. Dreaming and picturing and then committing those dreams to Art.

Also looking at relationships and connections and opening them to free self expression.

Module 6

Spiritual you.

Spiritual you. this includes working with our calling, our place in the world and our Art in the world.​