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Beautiful Project

The  Building of various Eco Projects in Bulgaria, including a Gallery

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Hi there, my Name is Oraya Rogers. I have a Dream. My dream is to create a beautiful project and to open an Art Gallery in 2030 for my 50th, showcasing a life's work and leaving a legacy for others to enjoy and benefit from. I am an artist and I have a passion for Wholesome Building, I believe environment is everything, and I love people and would love to make a positive contribution.

Starting from scratch, I am inspired to create a life where I don’t compromise my morals and can give something back, by achieving a beautiful environment where others can learn and share. To find out how? Join me on my journey, and in my daily Diary’s as I prove that I can achieve the dream, and leave My legacy;–


An educational center for everyone who is interested in natural building, including a cross section of actual Eco buildings that will provide training and housing for trainers for further Eco building education programs. An Art Gallery and community café, providing a local attraction and hopefully inspiring experience. Farming natural building materials for local business. 

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